A poem in praise of Estonia

This is a poem in praise of Estonia, sent to the Foreign Ministry and written by Sean Lawlor Nelson

Have you heard about Estonia?

Over a million souls live there

not counting bear, lynx, wolf or hare;

Aside from the fair and cultured mainland,

there is many, many a quiet island

It’s a fairly temperate place,

the first natives were split

from the singular Finnish race

There are cities like Tallinn:

history-steeped and grand,

there are woods lovely dark and deep

there is fruitful farm land…

though not the easiest to farm

I understand

Estonia has been ruled by Nazis,

Russian tsars and Russian reds,

by Danes and even by Swedes like me…

but in its ancient heart,

Estonia has always been free

possessed of a proud

and perserverant identity,

a welcoming country

for travelers who come to see

Now, my fellow yankees

and readers across the seas…

you have heard

about this amazing place: ESTONIA